About Us

 Who is Regina?

Established in 2020, Regina sells a wide range of exquisite leather bags, all hand-crafted by a team of ingenious designers.

From material selection, pattern design, to finished product, every step is strictly controlled. Designers convey attitudes and ideas through works, and at the same time, they also get more inspiration and feelings from outside.

Everyone at Regina has something in common - a passion for leather and craftsmanship.

Regine is passionate about creating sustainable, eco-friendly leather bags. Choosing Regena, choosing an positive and healthy lifestyle.

How do we work?

All Regina leather bags are made of the finest full-grain leather, uniquely designed and crafted.

Our leather craftsmen are not only hand-made, but also with the soul of creation, framing the materials given by nature.

Its every texture, every element, every detail is to be racked with brains to fix it in a suitable and reasonable position to make it more distinctive style.

Personalized leather bag purse that shows the ultimate in individualism, bringing art and uniqueness to every occasion.

The unique style is its elegant charm, so it has won unanimous praise and love from fashion celebrities from all over the world. Regina is like this. It is not only a bag, but also a work of art. We give back to all customers who like Regina with ingenuity and quality.

Due to our quality, design, and craftsmanship, our repurchase rate is higher than others. The designer's attention to detail keeps us ahead of the competition. You can start your exciting experience journey with Regina now.

Our story

Know more about Regina.

John is the founder of Regina. He is a simple peasant born in a small village in China. Perhaps he was influenced by the quiet and simple rural life since childhood, which made him uphold a slow and far-reaching, simple and beautiful life philosophy.

John likes to do hands-on since he was a child. He is born with good hands-on and tool control ability. He touches and examines everything around him with curiosity.

This introverted and intuitive spirit of the skilled craftsman made John fall in love with the texture and depth of leather, and made him feel like returning to his hometown. The gentle and simple hand made him feel at peace and discover the simple world deep in his heart.

In today's era of abundant resources and ever-accelerating pace of life, the pressure on modern women is increasing day by day. Time becomes the new luxury. To value and pursue less and better ideas is a simpler and smarter way of life.

John hopes to give leather energy, meaning and value in the name of life through leather bags and accessories, so as to light up the wisdom of life for modern women, resolve the disturbance of life, and guide the direction of life.

Don't keep your bag bulging, consider carrying only the most important things with you, and make your day full of simple fun and wisdom, and return to inner peace.

How to Find Regina?

Name: Regina Technology Limited

Address: The Belgian Bank Building Nos. 721-725 Nathan Road, Unit 1406B 14/F, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK

Email: support@leather-purse.com

Tel: +1 (262) 872-0075