Our Leather

All our leather bag are made of genuine leather, which can be divided into top-grain leather and split leather. All of the two forms of leather are referred to as genuine leather.

What is genuine leather?

Mostly cow leather is 5mm to 10mm thick, can be spited into multiple layers. Grain split, top grain split, and flesh split are the names given to the obtained layers.

Genuine leather material is made from any layer of leather.


What is Top-Grain leather?

Full-grain or top-grain leather is the term for the top layer. The fundamental distinction is that top-grain leather has any flaws removed by polishing or sanding. The sanding process makes the leather easy to dye or shape.

Top-grain leather is still considered a premium leather.


What is Split leather?

Split leather is obtained by splitting the layers with a peeling machine. It is made from the flesh split, which is looser fibrous tissue part.

Split leather is processed by spraying chemical materials or coating with film. It can only be applied to the production of leather goods after chemical raw materials have been sprayed or polished.

Split leather maintains certain natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics.


Why do we need a genuine leather bag from leather-purse?

Genuine leather bags from leather-purse are durable and not easily deformed. There is a nice leather shine present at the same time.

Our leather can be easily dyed into various fashionable colors to make various high-end textured leather bags.



The top-grain leather and the split leather are both animal skins from cows, which are very durable. In general, it is difficult to break if not pulled with extreme strength.

If the leather bag is properly cared and maintained, it will be long-lasting.

Leather purse genuine leather bags combined with strong stitching and refined hardware. That is to say, with sturdiness of leather, as well as the perfect workmanship, there will be almost no cracks and open lines, which is very durable.



In addition to being durable, genuine leather are not easy to stretch, a characteristic that no man-made material can match.

The advantage of not having malleability is that a bag, no matter how long it have been used, will maintain the shape when it was first made. For certain attractive bags, this is crucial. Especially for this kind of bag that requires relatively high shape stability, it must be supported to look good. And the leather material, plus the embossed solid shape of the cover, will keep the perfect shape of the bag when you buy it even if you use it for a long time.



Genuine leather already has a good-looking leather luster. And it can be easily dyed into a variety of fashionable colors to make a variety of high-end textured bag. Made of natural genuine leather, leather-purse bags are highly ornamental, with the most original fine texture of the leather, with the texture and luster of the leather.