About Us

 Who is Regina?

Established in 2020, Regina sells a wide range of exquisite leather bags, all hand-crafted by a team of ingenious designers.

From material selection, pattern design, to finished product, every step is strictly controlled. Designers convey attitudes and ideas through works, and at the same time, they also get more inspiration and feelings from outside.

Everyone at Regina has something in common - a passion for leather and craftsmanship.

Regine is passionate about creating sustainable, eco-friendly leather bags. Choosing Regena, choosing an positive and healthy lifestyle.

Our Value

Rediscovering Simplicity, Wisdom, and Inner Peace is our values.

At Regina, we are guided by a steadfast commitment to timeless design and uncompromising luxury quality. Each and every one of our creations is infused with love, reflecting our founder's vision and dedication.

Meet John, The Founder of Regina

John was born into the tranquility of a small Chinese village.   His upbringing instilled in him a love for the simple life—a life of depth and beauty amidst the quietude.

From childhood, John had a knack for hands-on craftsmanship.   This artisan's spirit drew him to leather, a material that resonated with his rural roots and provided a sense of inner peace.

With a deep passion, John set out to infuse leather with life, meaning, and value through his creations—bags and accessories.

Regina's concept is clear: Travel light through life, carrying only what truly matters.   Rediscover simplicity and wisdom, and find inner peace.


Our commitment to timeless design ensures that each piece in our collection serves a lasting purpose in your wardrobe. With Regina, you're investing in enduring style.


We prioritize quality materials that extend the lifespan of our products, maintaining their shape and beauty over time.

Our entire business is rooted in the ethos of simplicity and wisdom, and our materials are no exception. Crafted with care and designed to withstand the test of time, our fabrics and leather are responsibly sourced and handcrafted.

How to Find Regina?

Name: Regina Technology Limited

Address: The Belgian Bank Building Nos. 721-725 Nathan Road, Unit 1406B 14/F, Mongkok, Kowloon, HK

Email: support@leather-purse.com

Tel: +1 (262) 872-0075