How to Make a Leather Purse Strap Straight?

Leather purse straps are made of genuine leather, like leather, and have the same properties as genuine leather. Moreover, because the strap is thinner and withstands more tension, it is more likely to deform, lose elasticity and become bent than the bag. Leather is a very good material, only properly maintained, it can be repaired.

Don't worry if the leather purse strap is starting to seem a little too loose; you can easily get it back to its former beauty. The leather purse strap is simple to straighten, and with a few inexpensive tools and some perseverance, you can have it looking brand-new in no time. To learn how to straighten the leather handbag strap, continue reading.

Although a leather handbag is a wonderful accessory, the strap can occasionally deteriorate and lose its form. Don't panic if something has occurred to your purse strap. With a few basic tools, you can simply straighten things up at home. A leather purse strap may be easily straightened, contrary to popular belief. You can rapidly get your strap back to its natural state with a few simple tools and some patience.

what you'll require:

  • a level terrain
  • the straightedge
  • unwieldy knife
  • the hammer
  • a discarded chunk of wood
  • thread with wax
  • Sharp-nosed pliers

Step by Step Instructions for Straightening a Leather Purse Strap

Step 1: before beginning

Knowing what kind of leather you're working with is crucial before you begin. The leather used for purse straps is often either chrome- or vegetable-tanned. The more conventional of the two is vegetable-tanned leather, which is made from plant materials like bark.

Although a little was more difficult to deal with, it is also more robust. As a result, chrome-tanned leather is more malleable since it is tanned with chromium salts. Unfortunately, it also has a higher stain probability, so use caution while working with it.

Set up your work area in Step 2

Locate a table or another flat surface so you may work there. Gather your supplies next. It is necessary to have a straightedge, a blunt knife, a hammer, some scrap wood, and waxed thread. You might require needle tip pliers if your handbag strap is extremely difficult to untangle.

Third Step: Making the Strap

Find a level surface to work on first. You'll also want a hammer, a blunt knife, and a straightedge. You might also want a scrap piece of wood if you're dealing with vegetable-tanned leather.

Put the strap on the level surface and mark the length of the belt with the straightedge. You may use this as a reference point while you straighten the strap.

Step 4: Pushing It Through

Once you have a starting place, you may begin hammering. As you lightly score the leather following the previously drawn line, place the strap on the scrap piece of wood. As you work, this will aid in preventing the leather from splitting.

Start at one end of the strap and gently tap the hammer along the length of the strap. Till you get to the opposite end, move gently and evenly.

Applying Waxed Thread in Step 5

Applying waxed thread could be necessary if your handbag strap is especially difficult to remove. Cut a length of thread long enough to first wrap the strap around the thread multiple times. After that, pass it through a pair of needle-nose pliers and knot one end.

Apply the waxed thread to the leather and then force it into position using the needle-nose pliers. Wrap the thread tightly around the strap sometimes. Numerous times, tightly wrap the thread around the strap. When you've finished, make a knot in the thread and trim any extra.

Straightening the Strap in Step 6

It's time to straighten the leather now that the waxed thread has been placed. Trim away extra leather along the scored line using a straightedge and dull knife. Don't cut into the stitching, please.

You may skip this step if you're dealing with chrome-tanned leather. You probably won't need to do much straightening because chrome-tanned leather is already pretty flexible.

For vegetable-tanned leather, you must first obtain the strap before beginning to straighten it. The leather will become more malleable and convenient to work with as a result.

Run the strap under the faucet until it is damp to soak it. Of course, you don't want it to be completely drenched; just a little moist would suffice.

Once the strap is wet, straighten it out with your hands. If it's still not exactly straight, you may tap it into place gently with the hammer and a piece of scrap wood.

Adding the Strap in Step Seven

You may fasten the strap to the bag after it is straight. You'll need needle-nose pliers and waxed thread for this.

The waxed thread should be cut to length and threaded through needle-nose pliers. The needle will be simpler to thread as a result.

Start by attaching the strap's one end to the bag with stitching. After that, stitch the strap's opposite end to the bag. Make sure to allow a few inches of extra space at either end so you may tighten or loosen the strap as needed.

Step 8: Concluding

After the strap is tightened, you can proceed. You must use a coat of leather conditioner while dealing with vegetable-tanned leather. The leather will be better shielded and prevented from drying out as a result.

Over the strap's surface, evenly distribute the leather conditioner. After that, rub it into the leather with a clean cloth. You can omit this step if your leather is chrome-tanned. You probably won't need to do much straightening because chrome-tanned leather is already pretty flexible. The leather handbag strap may be straightened using the techniques below.

I'm done now! A leather purse strap has now been connected and straightened. Embrace your brand-new, flawlessly straight strap!


  1. You might need to repeat this procedure several times if your leather handbag strap is extremely long to get it perfectly straight.
  2. Other straps, such as those made of cloth or metal, can also be straightened using the same method.
  3. If the purse strap is seriously harmed, it might be necessary to completely replace it. If you are unclear about what to do, get advice from a specialist.
  4. When not in use, keep your purse in a cool, dry location. This will lessen the likelihood of the strap wrinkling or changing form over time.

Prevent Curling of Leather Purse Straps

To protect your bag's form and keep it appearing like new, you must prevent the leather purse strap from curling. A leather handbag strap that has started to curl may be straightened out with the aid of a few simple techniques.

Regular conditioning is one approach to prevent the leather purse strap from curling. This will maintain the strap supple and soft, which will make it easier for it to rest flat. To condition your strap, you can use coconut oil or a professional leather conditioner. Utilizing a clean cloth and a tiny bit of conditioner, evenly coat the strap. Before cleaning off any excess, let the conditioner a few minutes to absorb into the skin.

You might try using a hair straightener to straighten out your strap if it is already starting to curl. Just be sure you use the lowest heat setting to avoid damaging the leather. Once the strap is flat once more, run the straightener along its whole length.

By appropriately keeping it, you may also prevent the leather purse strap from curling. If you aren't using your purse, keep it somewhere cool and dry that is out of the sun and out of the heat. The leather will be less likely to dry out, become brittle, and curl as a result.

You can help maintain your leather handbag strap looking great and stop it from curling by using the advice in this article.


If the leather strap on your bag is beginning to buckle, we have the ideal fix for you. You may get the condition of your handbag strap back in just a few simple steps. So stop putting up with a dangling bag and mend your leather handbag strap right now by reading our article on how to straighten a leather purse strap!

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