How to Clear Used Genuine Leather Purse from Thrift Stores?

Have you ever purchased a leather purse that was on sale and had been in stock for a while?

Have you ever found a leather handbag at a garage sale that was almost brand new? Perhaps you paid less for an old one at a rummage sale. In any scenario, you're interested in learning how to clean it and improve its appearance. So, you can stop wondering. This article will walk you through a few easy steps and cleaning suggestions for a leather purse you found at a thrift shop. So let's start reading.

Why It's Important to Clean a Leather Purse from a Secondhand Shop

It's critical to comprehend why you should clean a leather purse from a secondhand shop before even considering how to do it. After all, leather is a rather durable substance. What's the big deal, then? Your leather purse should be cleaned often because it can become rather filthy with usage.

Even with careful handling, the surface will ultimately become dirty and dusty. Regular cleaning prevents premature aging and wear and tear, which can happen when you don't do it. Additionally, leather is prone to the growth of mold and mildew. If not cleaned thoroughly, they may begin to develop on the leather's surface and harm the leather permanently.

Additionally, regular cleaning can help your leather bag maintain its finest appearance. A handbag that is kept clean and maintained will always appear nicer than one that is covered with mud and grime. Therefore, it's crucial to clean your handbag frequently if you want it to appear its best.

What You Need: 

leather cleaning;

soft fabrics a gentle vacuum cleaner brush attachment

One by One How to Care for a Thrift Store Used Leather Purse

1. Getting Rid of Dirt and Junk

Before starting the cleaning process, remove any dirt and debris from the leather handbag's surface. For this, you can use a soft cloth or a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. First, make sure your handbag is empty before beginning.

Then, using a soft cloth, carefully wipe the surface of the bag to get rid of any remaining dirt and debris. You can try using the vacuum if there is anything tenacious that won't come off with a cloth. Use the soft brush attachment alone to avoid damaging the leather. To get rid of as much dirt and debris as you can, be sure to get into every crevice.

2. Interior Cleaning

After cleaning the exterior of the bag, it's time to tackle the interior. This is crucial because you'll be storing your belongings inside. Therefore, you should ensure that it is tidy and clear of dirt and trash. Clean the purse's interior using a gentle cloth. Any remaining stains can be removed with mild soap and water.

To make sure the soap won't harm the material of the bag, try it on a tiny area first. When you are certain that the soap is safe to use, moisten a cloth with water and soap, then scrub the spot. Rinse the area with water to clean it, and then pat a soft cloth over it to dry it.

3. Take Out Stains

If your pocketbook has any difficult stains, you could try using a leather cleaning. These are made especially to get rid of stubborn stains on leather. To ensure that the cleaning won't harm the leather, test it first on a discrete section of the bag. After that, apply the cleaner to the stain and massage it with a soft cloth. Before removing the stain with a moist towel, let the cleaner stay on it for a little while. Do this repeatedly until the stain is eliminated.

4. Keeping the leather clean

After washing the leather handbag, condition it to prevent the leather from cracking and drying out. You may select the best leather conditioner for your bag from the various options available on the market. Utilizing a soft cloth, dab the conditioner on the leather and massage it in circular motions. Make careful to coat the entire purse evenly by getting into all the crevices and corners. When you're finished, polish the leather to remove any extra conditioner with a clean, dry cloth.

5. Adding a Protectant

Applying a protectant after conditioning the leather is a good idea. This will help keep your purse looking its best and help it repel water and stains. You may pick a protectant that works best for your wallet from the wide variety of options available on the market.

Massage the leather in a circular motion while using the protectant and a soft rag. Before reusing your purse, let the protectant completely dry. Reapplying the protectant every few months is a good idea if you use your purse in a hot or humid environment.

6. Carrying a purse

It's crucial to store your leather bag correctly once you've cleaned and conditioned it. It will look its finest and be safe from harm if you do this. A cool, dry location is the ideal spot to keep a leather purse.

When keeping it, keep it away from moist locations and bright sunlight. Filling your purse with tissue paper will help it maintain its form if you won't be using it for a long. Before keeping it, you may also wrap it in a soft towel. You can maintain your leather purse looking great for years to come by following these easy recommendations.

How Much Does a Leather Purse Cost to Clean?

The size and kind of leather will affect how much it will cost to clean a leather purse. Cleaning a tiny leather bag will be more expensive than cleaning a large leather bag.

A leather purse cleaning typically costs $30. The frequency of use and the kind of leather used in your purse will determine how frequently you need to clean it. You'll need to clean your purse more frequently if you use it frequently as opposed to infrequently. Additionally, a light-colored purse will require cleaning more frequently than a dark-colored one.

The Best Way to Keep Your Used Leather Purse Clean

Use an anti-corrosive spray

One of the greatest methods to keep your leather bag from getting soiled is using a protective spray. These mists provide a barrier that deters stains and water. They work well for carrying purses in all weather. To protect the pocketbook, first, evenly spray the whole thing. Then, to maintain the protection, reapply the spray every few months.

Maintain Coverage

Keeping your leather bag covered is a fantastic additional technique to keep it clean. This is crucial if you want to transport it in a wet or snowy environment. You may select the perfect handbag cover from the various varieties of covers available on the market. Choose a cover made of breathable material to prevent your purse from becoming too hot.

Use it consistently

Use your leather purse frequently if you want to maintain it looking its best. The leather will stay flexible and avoid drying out as a result of this. It's a good idea to store your purse in a protective bag if you don't use it frequently to prevent damage.

Cleaning It Frequently

Regular cleaning of your leather bag is also essential. This will keep your purse looking its best and eliminate dirt, dampness, and stains. You may pick a protectant that works best for your wallet from the wide variety of options available on the market. Be sure to follow the instructions on the label to avoid damaging your bag.

Condition It Often

You should frequently condition your leather purse in addition to cleaning it. The leather will stay supple and won't break as a result of this. There are a variety of conditioners available, so you may pick one that fits your budget. 

Keep It Out of Water

Leather may become ruined by water, therefore it's crucial to shield your bag from it. If you wish to carry your purse outside in the rain, use a waterproof cover. Use a water-resistant cover if you're going to be carrying it in the snow. When you're not using your purse, keep it in a dry area to preserve it from moisture.


So there you have it, a thorough explanation of how to clean leather handbags purchased from a thrift shop. We hope you found this post useful and that it motivated you to breathe fresh life into a few of your antique treasures. Happy scrubbing!

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