7 Things to Know Before Buying Women's Genuine Leather Handbags & Purses

Are you thinking of buying a women's genuine leather handbag & purses? Before you jump at the first bag you see, here are 7 things you should know first.

Genuine leather handbags and purses are typically much more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, so it is important to learn a few things before investing in a genuine leather bag.

A good place to start is by learning what the most popular styles of women's genuine leather handbags and purses are. You'll also want to know what type of leather makes the best handbags, which is different than choosing the type of leather for your furniture. After that, you'll want to know how to actually care for your bag in order to make sure it looks sharp for years to come.

If you just getting started with purse shopping and want to find out which styles and types of purses will suit you best, or if you have shopped around for a bag that truly matched your tastes, then have no fear - this article is here to help.

What is the most popular style of women's genuine leather handbags & purses?

In order to find the right women's genuine leather handbags & purses for you, it's important to understand what styles are most popular. A common mistake is to buy a bag that you think looks good on other people, but not on you.

Here are some of the most popular styles of women's genuine leather handbags & purses:

1) Shoulder bags - this is a good option for those who want a bag that can be worn on one shoulder or across both shoulders. It will give you more flexibility when carrying things around as well as more comfortable than other styles because it doesn't put much weight on one side of your body.

2) Messenger bags - these are great for people who like to carry a lot of stuff around with them but don't want to have their hands full at all times because they have so many compartments where you can store things separately from each other. They're also great if you have trouble finding things quickly because there's no need to rummage through everything else in order to find something specific!

3) Purses - these are very popular among older women because they're smaller than most other types of bags and easier to carry around when shopping or going out.

Which leather is best for women's genuine leather handbags & purses?

When you're buying a women's genuine leather handbag or purse, it's important to know which leather is best for the style and color you want.

Genuine leather is a great choice for women's genuine leather handbags & purses. It's durable and long-lasting, and it has a classic look that never goes out of style.

The difference between genuine leather and other types of leather is that it comes from the hide of an animal, while other types of leather are made from synthetic materials.

Women's genuine leather handbags and purses come in many different styles and colors, from classic black to bright reds. Leathers can range from medium-weight cowhide to lighter lamb skins. Cowhide is heavier than lamb skin but still light enough that you can carry it around all day with ease.

Cowhide leather is stronger than lamb skin and will last longer if you use your bag regularly. It also has a softer feel when brushed against your skin or clothes. Lambskin is lighter weight and more prone to scratches and scuffs over time, but it doesn't dent as easily as cowhide does.

What is the difference between genuine leather and real leather?

There is a difference between genuine and real leather, but it's not one you need to worry about when shopping for a women's genuine leather handbag and purses.

Genuine leather is a term used to describe the material that is used to make these products. It can be made from animal hide, including cowhide, goat hide, sheepskin, or horsehide.

Genuine leather is produced by tanning the animal hide and then processing it into the finished product. The term "genuine" refers to the fact that this process involves only natural materials from animals that have been raised for food purposes. Genuine leather also requires no artificial coloring or chemical treatments.

Real leather describes the finished product after it has been processed from raw materials such as hides or skins of animals like cows and sheepskins. Real leather can be made from various types of animal skins including bovine (cow), ovine (sheep), porcine (pigs), caprine (goats), or equine (horses). Real leather may also contain other materials like nylon or polyurethane which are added to improve durability and strength of the final product without changing its appearance too much from its natural look."

In general, genuine leather will have an aroma that smells like fresh hide, while real leather may not have this characteristic.

How can you tell if the leather is of good quality?

There are many factors that determine the quality of leather, including its thickness and texture. However, there are some tricks of the trade that will help you to make an educated decision about whether or not to purchase a piece of leather.

The first thing to consider is whether or not the leather has grain. Grain refers to the direction of the fibers in the hide. Grain lines should be straight and parallel with each other throughout the entire piece. If they're not, this could mean that the material was cut from multiple hides and stitched together, which is less than ideal for durability purposes.

Another important indicator of quality is whether or not there are any seams on the surface of your item. Seams are used to join two pieces together or add extra strength in certain areas (like corners). You want these seams to be as inconspicuous as possible so that they don't detract from your product's aesthetics when looking at it face-on; however, they should also be well-sewn so that they don't come apart over time!

The next thing you should check is how thick the leather is. The thicker the leather, the better quality it tends to be. The thickness of the skin also affects how long your bag will last—the thicker it is, the longer-lasting it will be.

Finally, look at how shiny or dulled down your bag looks in different lighting. A shiny finish means that there was some sort of coating put on top of your bag; this can help protect it from water and other elements but will also make it more prone to scratches and dents over time.

A duller finish means you're looking at an untreated piece of leather (which may be more durable than a treated one), but it could also just mean that there wasn't much care taken with how well this piece was made in terms of craftsmanship or design

How do I keep my leather bag from cracking?

Leather bags are a great way to add a little bit of flair to your outfit, but they can be a little tricky to maintain. Here are some tips on how to keep your leather bag from cracking:

1. Don't leave it in the sun: Heat can cause some serious damage to your leather bag, so try not to leave it out in the sun for too long or go on adventures where you'll have to leave it in the car while you're hiking or traveling.

2. Keep it away from water: This one is pretty obvious—you don't want your bag getting wet! But if it does happen, don't worry too much. Just put it somewhere dry (like on your radiator) and let it sit there until the moisture dries out of its own accord.

3. Use leather conditioner: This can help soften up any scuffed areas on your bag and keep them looking new for longer!

How long should a women's genuine leather handbag & purses last?

A women's genuine leather handbag should last a long time, as long as you take care of it. Here are some tips to keep your genuine leather handbag looking great and lasting longer:

• Always use the dust bag that comes with your genuine leather handbag to store it when not in use. This will prevent dust from getting on the leather and making it look dirty or worn.

• Pay attention to how much weight you put inside your bag. If it is too heavy, it can damage the stitching on the bottom of the bag and cause it to rip or tear.

• Use a quality cream or lotion on your genuine leather handbag once a week for conditioning purposes. If you do this regularly, your bag will be able to retain its shape better over time, which will help extend its life span.

How often should you condition women's genuine leather handbags & purses?


Women's genuine leather handbags & purses are stylish and durable, but they require a little special attention to keep them that way. If you want to make sure your bag looks its best for as long as possible, it's important to care for it properly.

When you buy a women's genuine leather handbag or purse, it's important to understand that the leather is already treated with oils and waxes as part of the tanning process. This makes it waterproof and stain-resistant, but it also means that your bag needs regular conditioning to maintain its water resistance and softness.

How often should you condition your women's genuine leather handbag or purse? Experts recommend conditioning every few months. Depending on the climate where you live, however, some types of leather may require more frequent conditioning than others. For example, if you live in a humid climate your bag may need conditioning more frequently than if you live in a dry climate; this is because humidity causes leather to break down faster than dry air does (which means more frequent conditioning).


If you're new to this type of bag, you may also have a lot of questions - especially when it comes to caring for and cleaning your handbag. With good care, this bag can last a long time. Here are some tips that will help you to keep your bag looking great.

When you buy a really expensive handbag, you naturally want it to last as long as possible. Leather is an expensive material and it's not part of the deal that you will have to spend time repairing or cleaning your bag. With a little care and some daily dedication, however, you can make your bag look just as good as it did the day you bought it. Check out some of these handy tips for caring for your women's handbags & purses.

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