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Leather Crossbody Cell Phone Purse / Mobile Phone Bag

Leather Crossbody Cell Phone Purse / Mobile Phone Bag

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Small body large capacity

Top leather but light-weight

Our Leather

Genuine leather is considered the greatest quality leather, which is why we use it to make our bags and accessories.

Because top-grain leather retains the grain in its fullness rather than being sanded down to be more "uniform," it lasts far longer because it is manufactured from the toughest, outermost layer of the hide.

It acquires a patina as it becomes older, which is the gradual change in color. This transformation happens more quickly on untreated leather and is regarded as a very appealing aspect of leather.

A magnifying glass will even let you to see the pores and microscopic hair follicles on the undisturbed, smooth surface, which is evidence that the leather is of high quality. Fat wrinkles or growth lines, subtle changes in the grain's texture, shade, and minor scars are other qualities to pay attention to.

When looking at or working with full-grain leather, you'll quickly notice that no two hides are precisely the same because each one is unique because it originates from a different animal and has various markings and flaws.

All our leather bag are made of genuine leather, which can be divided into top-grain leather and split leather. All of the two forms of leather are referred to as genuine leather.

What is genuine leather?

Mostly cow leather is 5mm to 10mm thick, can be spited into multiple layers. Grain split, top grain split, and flesh split are the names given to the obtained layers.

Genuine leather material is made from any layer of leather.


What is Top-Grain leather?

Full-grain or top-grain leather is the term for the top layer. The fundamental distinction is that top-grain leather has any flaws removed by polishing or sanding. The sanding process makes the leather easy to dye or shape.

Top-grain leather is still considered a premium leather.


What is Split leather?

Split leather is obtained by splitting the layers with a peeling machine. It is made from the flesh split, which is looser fibrous tissue part.

Split leather is processed by spraying chemical materials or coating with film. It can only be applied to the production of leather goods after chemical raw materials have been sprayed or polished.

Split leather maintains certain natural elasticity and process plasticity characteristics.


Why do we need a genuine leather bag from leather-purse?

Genuine leather bags from leather-purse are durable and not easily deformed. There is a nice leather shine present at the same time.

Our leather can be easily dyed into various fashionable colors to make various high-end textured leather bags.



The top-grain leather and the split leather are both animal skins from cows, which are very durable. In general, it is difficult to break if not pulled with extreme strength.

If the leather bag is properly cared and maintained, it will be long-lasting.

Leather purse genuine leather bags combined with strong stitching and refined hardware. That is to say, with sturdiness of leather, as well as the perfect workmanship, there will be almost no cracks and open lines, which is very durable.



In addition to being durable, genuine leather are not easy to stretch, a characteristic that no man-made material can match.

The advantage of not having malleability is that a bag, no matter how long it have been used, will maintain the shape when it was first made. For certain attractive bags, this is crucial. Especially for this kind of bag that requires relatively high shape stability, it must be supported to look good. And the leather material, plus the embossed solid shape of the cover, will keep the perfect shape of the bag when you buy it even if you use it for a long time.



Genuine leather already has a good-looking leather luster. And it can be easily dyed into a variety of fashionable colors to make a variety of high-end textured bag. Made of natural genuine leather, leather-purse bags are highly ornamental, with the most original fine texture of the leather, with the texture and luster of the leather.

Leather Care

1. It should be mentioned that leather bags should be kept in a cool, dry area with enough ventilation.
2. Do not expose your leather bag to the sun, fire, washing, sharp objects, and chemical solvents.
3. No waterproofing technique has been used for the leather bag. Please dry the handbag as soon as it gets wet with a soft towel to avoid watermarks or stains causing the surface to wrinkle. If utilized on wet days, more caution should be used.
4. Take care to safeguard the leather bag's metal components. Oxidation will occur in the humid, highly salinized atmosphere.
5. To preserve the shape of the leather bag, it is preferable to pack it with soft toilet paper when not in use and store it in the cotton fabric when not in use. In the absence of a suitable fabric bag, used pillowcases can function nicely.
6. If the leather bag is worn, you may polish it with a clean, soft cloth after using a non-greasy, colorless leather care cream, which will restore the leather's brilliant sheen and stop it from drying out.
7. Try to keep the leather bag away from heaters; otherwise, the leather will grow drier and eventually lose its flexibility and suppleness.
8. If there is grease on the leather bag, wipe it off with a clean towel and allow the remaining grease seep into the leather over time. Never use water to remove oil.
9. Daily upkeep and cleaning just require a light soap solution. Shoe polish should not be used carelessly. The market-available leather cleaners work well and include lubricants that help keep the leather's natural suppleness. Strong filth can be removed using gentle detergents or expert cleaning methods.

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Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which has affected logistics in some controlled areas, logistics delivery times may deviate from estimated times. Actual shipping and delivery times may be delayed. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.





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We accept the return of products. Customers have the right to apply for a return within 30 days after product delivery. To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. You must contact Regina by email: to get a return shipping label.



Once your return is received and inspected, we will email you a notification of receipt. We will also notify you of the approval or rejection of your refund. If you are approved, then your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment, within a certain amount of days.


If the consumer causes the return, the consumer should be responsible for the shipping fee.

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No restocking fee is to be charged to the consumers for the return of a product.

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4 Colors Available

Spring, summer, autumn, and winter-appropriate.

You can wear the leather crossbody cell phone purse to take a party or visit your best friends for a fun and relaxing experience throughout the day.

Casual style

The leather crossbody phone purse stands upright and touch soft

Casual style, but with extraordinary texture.

Let this bag accompany you to spend a relaxing weekend

Top Grain Leather

Made of top grain leather

The thickness is is twice that of ordinary cowhide.

our leather crossbody phone purse is long-lasting and durable for years

Smooth and comfortable to touch


Size:L15*W7*H18cm (5.9" x 2.75" x 7.09")

Weight:0.29kg (0.64 lb.)

Material: Genuine leather

Lining material: Polyester

Capacity & Multi-function

This leather crossbody phone purse is an idea option to go for a party and use on weekend.

Enough room for 4 sets mobile phone together.

Well-organized for Storage

2 large pockets with zippers to put a mini umbralla on sides.

2 conceal pockets inside

Resonable stratification and a well-organized for storage

  • Contrasting color design

  • Removable shoulder strap

  • High quality hardware zipper

  • A hole for cable out

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Frequently Asked Questions of leather crossbody cell phone purse


How do you wear a leather crossbody phone purse?

There are a lot of ways to wear a leather crossbody cell phone purse, but we're going to go over the most popular ones.

1. The classic: Simply sling it over your shoulder and go! This is a great option if you want to keep your hands free from other things.

2. The fashion-forward: Try wearing it across one shoulder with the strap hanging down your back—this looks super cool and is perfect for an evening out with friends or family.

3. The casual look: If you don't want to look like you've just stepped out of the pages of Vogue (or if you just don't have any time), try wearing it around your waist like a belt! This works best with jeans or pants that aren't too tight around the waistline so they can be easily tucked in under each other without pulling out any seams or stitching along their edges (like those found in jean pockets).

Why are leather crossbody cell phone purse so popular?

It's no secret that leather crossbody cell phone purses are the best. They're stylish, made of real leather, and have slots for your phone, cards, and cash—all in one convenient little bag.

But why are they so popular? Well, there are a few reasons:

1) They're stylish. Leather crossbody cell phone purses come in all different colors and styles. Whether you want something simple or something flashy, you can find it. You can even get them in girly colors, pink or purple if you want!

2) They're made of genuine leather. Leather is one of the most durable materials on Earth—and it looks great! It doesn't matter how many times you use your leather crossbody cell phone purse or what kind of weather conditions it goes through—you can always count on it to keep your stuff safe and secure!

3) They have slots for everything. Some people don't care about having a place for their cards or cash when they go out—but those people are missing out! Having a place for everything means less time spent digging around and more time spent enjoying yourself at

What is the best crossbody cell phone purse?

If you're looking for a designer crossbody cell phone purse, we've got you covered. We've scouted out the best designs, colors, and styles so that you can find the perfect bag for your needs. Whether you're looking for a cute way to carry your phone or something that will keep it safe while keeping up with your fashion sense, we have what you need!

If you've ever been caught without a purse at a party or event, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find somewhere to stash your phone while you get your groove on. You could try putting it in your shoe or under your dress—but that's just not practical.

Or maybe you have a bigger purse than the one you use when you're going out, but it doesn't look great with everything else in your outfit.

That's why we love this kind of bag so much: because it's both stylish and practical! It has room for all of your stuff (including keys, makeup, cash, and cards) AND a place for your phone so that it doesn't get lost or stolen by someone who wants to ruin their night too (or worse).

The most important thing when choosing a crossbody cell phone purse is to make sure it fits your device well. If it doesn't fit your phone or other essentials like cash, credit cards, and ID, then it won't be very useful as an everyday bag!

How do you wear a mini crossbody cell phone purse?

This is a question that's often asked by those who have purchased one of our leather mini crossbody cell phone purses.

Our answer? The same way you wear any other purse. Here are a few tips for getting the most out of your new bag:

-Your new purse should be worn on the opposite side of your body from where your cellphone is kept. This will ensure that you don't forget to grab it when you're heading out the door!

-If you're wearing pants with pockets, consider putting your keys and other items into them instead of keeping them in the pockets on your purse. This will help keep things organized and make sure nothing gets lost!