How to Care For Leather Bags? --9 Ways to Make your leather Bag Last Long

1. It should be mentioned that leather bags should be kept in a cool, dry area with enough ventilation.
2. Do not expose your leather bag to the sun, fire, washing, sharp objects, and chemical solvents.
3. No waterproofing technique has been used for the leather bag. Please dry the handbag as soon as it gets wet with a soft towel to avoid watermarks or stains causing the surface to wrinkle. If utilized on wet days, more caution should be used.
4. Take care to safeguard the leather bag's metal components. Oxidation will occur in the humid, highly salinized atmosphere.
5. To preserve the shape of the leather bag, it is preferable to pack it with soft toilet paper when not in use and store it in the cotton fabric when not in use. In the absence of a suitable fabric bag, used pillowcases can function nicely.
6. If the leather bag is worn, you may polish it with a clean, soft cloth after using a non-greasy, colorless leather care cream, which will restore the leather's brilliant sheen and stop it from drying out.
7. Try to keep the leather bag away from heaters; otherwise, the leather will grow drier and eventually lose its flexibility and suppleness.
8. If there is grease on the leather bag, wipe it off with a clean towel and allow the remaining grease seep into the leather over time. Never use water to remove oil.
9. Daily upkeep and cleaning just require a light soap solution. Shoe polish should not be used carelessly. The market-available leather cleaners work well and include lubricants that help keep the leather's natural suppleness. Strong filth can be removed using gentle detergents or expert cleaning methods.