Types of Sheepskin Leather -- As well As Care and Storage Instructions

Most people picture cowhide when they think of leather goods. On the other hand, little animal hides like lambskin, sheepskin, goatskin, and others are used to make leather accessories and garments. This time, I'd like to talk about natural sheepskin leather. Let's look at the main qualities, advantages, drawbacks, and applications of sheepskin leather.

What exactly is sheepskin leather?

Sheepskin leather, as the name implies, is manufactured from the natural skin of adult sheep. It has a beautiful, silky texture that feels like "velvet." This material is light, strong, soft, and stretchy. It can be readily treated by tanning and dyeing while retaining its original form. Most frequently employed in the creation of premium jackets, coats, accessories, and headgear.

Because sheepskin leather skins are so tiny, most clothing is constructed from a few pieces. Soft sheepskin leather is easily stretched and has improved density and strength. Lambskin is one of the most common forms of sheepskin leather, but I'll talk about it more later.

The Leather Honey brand is an excellent cleaning option for anyone who has discolored or badly dirty sheepskin leather products. It quickly removes dirt and grime, resulting in a superb repair job.

The Advantages of Sheepskin Leather Hides

Lamb and sheep skins are chrome tanned to produce natural sheepskin leather. As a result, it has the following notable benefits:

Elasticity, strength, and resilience; durability; maintaining the same shape after treatment; abrasion resistance; high breathable and hygroscopic properties; water resistance (poorly absorbs moisture and stays dry in wet and cool weather); comfortable in autumn and winter wear; it matches different types of finishes.

Soft sheepskin leather comes in two different varieties.

A mature sheep is utilized to produce real sheepskin (can be used with or without wool). This leather material is distinguished by its resilience, suppleness, and flexibility while being extremely robust and wear-resistant.

Chevreau is another name for sheepskin. It is a more elastic and stronger leather created by young lambs. After skinning, it is chrome-tanned or coated with polymer protection. This leather is utilized by shoemakers, as well as for clothing and caps.

Sheep leather hides are smaller than cattle skins, but they are simpler to handle, cure, and embellish because of their thinner structure. As a result, sheepskin may be used to create high-quality, affordable clothes and accessories (the texture is very soft to the touch). Furthermore, sheepskin leather is far less expensive to produce than cattle-based leather.

There are several uses for sheepskin leather skins.

Genuine sheepskin leather is one of the greatest materials for producing high-quality and long-lasting jackets, coats, raincoats, hats, shoes, and other accessories. Natural sheepskin leather is incredibly soft, flexible, and simple to customize with embossing, engraving, and varnishing due to its thin structure.

Sheepskin is utilized to create premium shoes, gloves, belts, and even bags in addition to winter coats. This type of material, after all, is sanded, polished, and colored.

Deeper processing of soft sheepskin leather produces an especially appealing smooth or textured product that is used to make high-end shoes, coats and jackets, headwear, and accessories. Sheepskin is a superb base material for creating exotic animal, bird, and reptile leather (crocodile, anaconda, python, etc.).

Genuine sheepskin leather is painted in a broad range of hues and tones, including traditional (black, brown, red, white, and beige) and bold brilliant colors to create yellow, orange, and lilac items.

How do you put sheepskin leather to the test?

It is critical to note that all of the traits and benefits listed above are only available with natural sheepskin leather items. Here is how to distinguish between genuine and fake sheepskin:

Feel the substance. Real sheepskin heats up immediately and keeps heat for an extended time. Sheepskin has a high thermal value, thus products created from it are usually insulated as well. The natural material will keep you cool for a very long period.

Learn about the edges and seams of a genuine sheepskin leather jacket. Since the natural material does not foul, delaminate, or lose its integrity, it should not be tucked in.

Apply water to the material; after a few minutes, real sheepskin leather will change color slightly before returning to its former shape. Natural leather items nearly never absorb moisture in most circumstances. This test will also assist to establish how effectively the sheepskin jacket protects against rain. The material's color should not change - this shows good water resistance.

Important announcement! The surface of natural sheepskin will be free of scratches.

Sheepskin leather skins contaminated with seeds:

Another significant aspect to look for in genuine sheepskin leather is the degree of seed contamination:

  • There is no obvious seed contamination.
  • Light seed contamination is conceivable, particularly in a sheep's belly.
  • Legs and abdomen may be contaminated with medium seed.

Avoid purchasing items with a lot of seed contamination since it indicates that the sheep leather hides are damaged.

Sheepskin leather product care

So you've purchased a genuine sheepskin coat or cap. How should you care for this item of clothing such that it will last for many years in near-perfect conditions? For a daily sheepskin care routine, follow the professional recommendations below:

The Leather Honey brand is an excellent cleaning option for anyone who has discolored or badly dirty sheepskin leather products. It quickly removes dirt and grime, resulting in a superb repair job.

  1. You should invest in special leather protection methods, ideally for sheepskin items. Choose products designed for sensitive leather treatment. I would recommend applying a spray-on insect repellent. After using the care product in this way, color streaking will not have its negative consequences.
  2. Please use a dry, gentle, and clean cloth to avoid any discoloration of the natural material. If there are stains, massage the area softly and slowly until the stain disappears. If you scrub too hard or use too much water, the discoloration will just become worse.
  3. To prevent the leather skins of sheepskins from drying out or cracking, use a leather conditioner. Don't forget to test a tiny amount of this product in a discreet location first. Please use white cloth for this purpose. Within an hour of application, see if the product affects the color of the sheepskin.
  4. Do you want to know how to keep sheepskin leather goods in your home? Never wrap such items in plastic; otherwise, they will dry out. Store sheepskin products in a dry, cool area away from direct sunlight. I would recommend using a cushioned hanger to maintain sheepskin coats in optimal condition.

Sheepskin leather compared. other forms of leather

Sheepskin is distinguishable from other leather varieties by its suppleness. Such leather items are also particularly pleasant to the touch thanks to the sheep wool. Even in their most delicate form, cowhide leather items are more durable.

Sheepskin leather is quite pleasant to wear, although cowhide jackets appear rougher and provide greater protection. Sheepskin leather skins, on the other hand, are significantly thinner than cowhide items. It is, nonetheless, as durable as other varieties of leather. Sheepskin is durable and will endure for several seasons. Furthermore, many sheepskin jackets have wool fleece for added comfort.


As you can see, sheepskin leather is an excellent choice for winter jackets and headgear. It is exceptionally soft and long-lasting. However, if you want a comfy coat or cap that will last for years, invest in real sheepskin leather. Proper care procedures will also be beneficial.

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