The Most Detailed Handmade Leather Bag Steps


Handmade leather bag production, for some masters, is a handy thing, but for newcomers, that is a very much learned technology, not only in the production process, or in the production of tools in the selection, or handmade leather bag production same leather and so on, all this need to learn step by step, I will start with the easiest choice of leather.

Vegetable-tanned leather, the basic material for handmade leather bags


When it comes to newbies, that is certainly easy to do, while handmade leather bag making, tanned leather is recognized as one of the most basic handmade leather bag starter leathers! Don't ask why, keep looking, and you will know!

First, let's learn about vegetable-tanned leather.

Origin of vegetable tanned leather.

Vegetable-tanned leather is also called leather carving leather, tree paste (cake) leather, and tannin leather, with leather. The color is undyed natural color.

Vegetable-tanned leather has little stretch, absorbs water, and softens easily, plasticity is easy to rectify, and the color ranges from natural light flesh pink to light brown, which is most suitable for leather carving crafts. Vegetable tanned leather, so some people also commonly call it tree paste leather and some write it as tree cake leather. 

Characteristics of vegetable tanned leather: leather, after tanning and fattening, becomes soft into leather fiber organization, is tight, small extension, good molding, the board surface is rich, rich elasticity, no greasy feeling, leather grain surface, suede surface is lustrous, water absorption is easy to become soft.

The leather tanned by vegetable tanning agent (tannic acid liquid) or chemicals such as metallic chromium and synthetic tanning agent is called "leather", which is dyed, oiled, and dried to maintain its quality and flexibility with proper care.

The leather tanned with vegetable tanning agents (tannic acid solution) is very suitable for carving and shaping because of its high-water absorption and plasticity.

More than 4,000 years ago, the pyramids and ancient Egyptian excavations show that vegetable tanning was already in use.

Women's Vegetable-tanned leather bag

Advantages of vegetable tanned leathers.

Stylish: Due to the improvement in tanning technology, vegetable tanned leather can also be made with an ideal hand feel and superior wearability. The feel of vegetable-tanned leather is fleshy and rich, with a strong sense of leather. Vegetable-tanned leather is breathable and moisture-absorbent, so consumers feel comfortable when wearing it.


Flexibility: Vegetable tanned leather is the best in terms of flexibility so that the life of the genuine and fake leather is often modified when making a mistake or a few damages will not affect the next steps of the whole production.


Naturalness: vegetable-tanned leather is not coated after tanning is completed. Therefore, the surface of the leather body retains the grain and luster of the leather itself, which is natural and elegant.

The grain surface retains the natural grain of the leather, which is simple and elegant. Its luster is soft and translucent, and its brightness will be softer and translucent as consumers use it.


Environmentally friendly: Vegetable-tanned leather tanned with extracts as the main tanning agent contains only pure natural plant and animal ingredients, and no longer contains heavy metals, benzene, phenols, and other aromatic harmful ingredients contained in leather made by other tanning processes. It is truly environmentally friendly.

Vegetable-tanned leather wallet
details of Vegetable-tanned leather wallet
details of Vegetable-tanned leather wallet
Measuring thickness of Vegetable-tanned leather wallet

Secondly, what is handmade customization?

Of course, handmade leather bags is, to put it bluntly, private customization or small batch customization, in many senses, not only purely in terms of goods, but more emotional significance, as the saying goes, private customization, all for the love and departure, for handmade leather bag makers, for pure handmade leather bags, they like to spend time in a needle and thread, which is the so-called handmade emotions.

handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

Pure handmade custom leather bags, private custom are unique, pure handmade products, your exclusive a special gift!

For novice handcrafters, only leather is the best practice leather, but customizers, tend to pursue the top designers and production materials, and often choose more noble leather, such as crocodile, pearl fish skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, snake skin, and other leather royalty. I will not make an introduction here.

handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse


Then, understand the tools for handmade leather bags

 For anyone wishing to make a leather bag, it is first necessary to have the tools for doing so. The same is true for those wishing to make leather bags professionally; they must first have the proper tools.

The last issue we discussed was the novice handmade leather bag production leather selection, and now I will introduce some of the tools used in professional handmade leather bag making. I hope that this issue of handmade leather bag-making tools knowledge can help all leather bag lovers.

 Tools of making handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse


1) Right-angle ruler

2)Silver line pen/wash pen

3) Tracing pen (for vegetable tanned leather)

4) Spacing gauge (or edge line maker)

5) Mapping pad



1) straight cutting knife (Recommended to buy a slightly better)

2)Precision carving knife

3) scissors (thin skin applicable)

4) groove digger (recommended to buy craft or else's)

5) edge trimmer (models are divided into a variety of small and medium into an on-the-line)

6) knife and cutter

knives of making handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse


1)Ring chop (and a slightly higher-end French chop)


3) diamond cone (like the pure hand sewing into)

4) punch (there are round, oval, a word, half-round, generally round used 2mm, 3mm, 4mm)


1) Needle (special hand sewing needle, marble needle)

2) thread (commonly used threads are nylon thread, flat wax thread, cotton, and linen thread)

3) hand sewing wooden clips (this is not necessary, is very convenient)


1) polishing strip (newcomers into this can be, sandpaper is not very good, special polisher price is not expensive)

2)Wooden edge polishing stick (mainly used to polish the edges of vegetable tanned leather)

3) CMC (CMC is relatively cheap, but the effect is not as good as the bed treatment agent, conditions recommended to enter the bed treatment agent)

4)Sanding wax

5)Sanding stick



1)Quick-drying white latex

2)Glue for leather

3) yellow glue (heavy flavor, good adhesion, sticky lever)


1)Horn oil, horse oil (vegetable tanned leather will be used)

2)Mink oil cream

8)Dyeing, color setting, leather edge

1)Alcohol dyes

2)Imitation dyeing

3)leather edge oil (treatment of leather edges other than vegetable tanned leather)



1)633 four buckle installation tool

2) 201 four buckle installation tool

3)Rivet installation tool

4)Wooden hammer (or rubber hammer)

5)Cutting plate

6)Bullbar mat board

Assembly of making handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse
handmade Vegetable-tanned leather pursehandmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

After reading the handmade leather bag tools, do you immediately want to learn the process of making a leather bag, then continue to look down and solve the brief steps to make a handmade leather bag?

engraving handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse
engraving handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

Finally, the specific steps of leather bag making

It is very simple, is to take some cut leather sewing together steps, but before this, there are many details steps, the following I will give you a systematic introduction to it.

1. Design drawings

 Design draft drawings, generally need to indicate the type of leather bag production, and leather required, the most important is the specifications of the leather bag, the design draft generally needs to indicate the six sides of the design information, if the leather bag for symmetrical products we only need three views on, but generally to avoid errors, the best design draft for six views.

design paper of handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

2. Selection of materials

The main material selection: that is, leather bags do need leather, the universal choice is to choose cowhide, if you are new to the practice, I more suggest you choose vegetable tanned leather, the benefits are not to say, in the leather bag teaching last period on the same specific introduction, handmade leather bags are generally private custom leather bags, will not be a large production.

As handmade leather bags are several times more expensive than the regular manufacturers, the quality is handmade, meaning is not comparable to that of a factory. Therefore, when selecting leather for your bag, I recommend that you choose a noble leather selection.

After all, handmade leather bags are about more than just the brand name and quality; they're also about beauty and elegance. Selecting leather for your bag can be a great way to achieve this (for example crocodile skin, ostrich skin, snakeskin, or pearl fish skin).

Accessories selection: the choice of accessories we generally include: leather bag production line glue, side oil, CMC, leather care solution, and some zippers, buttons, nails, and so on, can be selected according to demand.

select materials of handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

3: cutting leather

  • For the design of the draft of the leather, model, color, specifications for leather confirmation
  • Cutting leather should be reserved for error position, leather stretch or wear will cause the waste of leather, more later can be trimmed, less, cut out on the waste
  • After cutting the leather to repair care, play maintenance oil
cutting leather for handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

4: leather trimming

  • Leather trimming includes leather edge polishing, oiling, etc.
  • trimming is confirmed accurate for after the step, or leather excess, then we have to trim the edge again.


5. playing chop

  • level the edges, that is, two pieces of leather aligned with each other
  • Draw the beating chop reference line, use a paintable pen to draw the beating chop line to avoid the beating chop line is not straight.
  • Pre-pressing chopping holes, pre-pressing marks with different ling chopping, choose a more consistent ling chopping.
playing chop of handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

6. stitching

  • Prepare the needle and thread: the needle and thread will also be waxed, wake up the line. The role is (can make the line more supple, softer, not easy to start line)
  • Stitching: stitching techniques generally have (double line double go, double line single go, single line single go), but folk masters also have their unique method of alignment, alignment also pays attention to the strength of the pull line and must be tight. Finally, there are also steps to be taken to close the line, clip the line, trim, etc.
stitching of handmade Vegetable-tanned leather purse

7. Edge sealing

  • Apply leather edge oil on the corrected neat edge referred to as the oil edge.
  • The choice of edge oil, according to the color of the leather to choose a different edge oil, but also according to personal favorite hobby to choose.

8. Packaging.

  • Before packaging, we need to check the left and right outer edges of handmade leather bags inside including (whether the leather is scuffed; whether the oil edge is not smooth, oil leakage; whether the stitching is regular, and so on details)
  • Looking for newspaper or sponge to fill the leather bag inside, to avoid the leather bag pressure deformation; leather bag outside the same to do protective treatment


The above is a detailed step-by-step guide to making a handmade leather bag. The basics of leather bags, the meaning of handmade leather bags, the selection of leather, the selection and introduction of production tools, and each step of making a leather bag, have been explained in detail, and with pictures to illustrate.

You should have learned it.

If there are still friends who will not, please contact us.

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