How to Tell if an Antique Leather Purse is Real?

5 Ways to Identify Antique Leather Purses

Are you trying to identify an antique leather purse? You're not the only one who has this problem. After all, most vintage purses are made of leather and are expensive items. It's hard to tell whether that vintage purse is real. Here we have listed 5 ways to help you identify an antique leather purse.


Vintage or antique purses have been around for years, so age is one indicator of authenticity.

If the purse has been around for several years, it's probably a real antique. If it was made recently, then it's probably not authentic. You should also check to see if the stitching matches where it should be on the purse.

If any loose threads or stitching don't seem to fit well with the rest of the bag, then you should be wary of this item's authenticity.

If the purse was made in the past several decades, it probably needs to be more authentic.

The older the purse, the better it is. You can also tell by how much money you would have to pay.

If you find a leather purse that looks like it has been around for quite some time, there's a good chance it's real.

Look at the interior of the purse. If it has any lining or padding, it's probably not authentic because such features weren't common in antique leather purses until after World War II.


Leather from different times and places has different patterns and designs, so a purse may be authentic if it looks like an earlier era, but it could still be fake. The best way to tell if a purse is real is to look at its stitching and how it was made.

There are several ways to tell if an antique leather purse is real. First, the leather should have a recognizable pattern or design that matches its period. For example, purses made in the early 1900s have a different look than those made in the 1950s.

Second, the purse should feel like real leather. This can be difficult if it's been stored for years, but you can test it by rubbing your fingers across it quickly—if it feels smooth and soft rather than rough and stiff, there's a good chance it's authentic.

If you want to know if your purse is real, look for these signs:

-The leather should be thick and sturdy. If it's too thin, it could be fake.

-When you look closely at the stitching on the purse, it should be even and straight. If there are any crooked stitches, then it's probably not authentic.


A genuine purse is made of leather, while some cheaper purses may be made with plastic or fabric.

The materials used to make antique leather purses often differed from what we use today. To tell whether or not your purse is real, you need to know what materials were used in making it.

Older purses are often made from leather, while newer purses are often made from synthetic materials like nylon or vinyl. If the purse you're considering buying is old, it might be made from alligator skin or goat leather. The materials used for newer purses usually don't last as long as those used for older ones, so if you find a vintage purse made from exotic materials, it's probably real!

The leather should be soft and supple, with a slight sheen to it. It should feel like it has been well cared for rather than abused, which would show in the color and texture.

The hardware should be made of quality metals that are heavy and solid in their construction. The stitching should be even and neat, with no fraying or lose threads.

In general, you can look for any material not used in modern times. This includes things like metals and gems. If your purse has either of these, it is likely an antique.


Stitch is one of the ways to tell an Antique Leather Purse is real. This means that you can see the stitches on it. In most cases, this will be a single stitch, but you may see multiple stitches in some cases. This can be done with a stitching machine or hand sewing.

Some people believe that if there are no stitches on the purse, then it is fake. However, this is different, as many designers have chosen to make their purses without visible stitching and still charge a high price! The best way to tell if your purse has been made with authentic leather is by looking at the quality of its craftsmanship and the care taken in making it.

Stitches are more than just a way to hold pieces together; they're also a way to tell the age of your purse. The older the purse, the smaller and more intricate the stitches will be. If you see larger stitches on your purse, it is likely not as old as you think.

Many people choose to stitch their purses by hand because it gives them the option of making adjustments and changing the design as they see fit. This also ensures that each piece is unique and personalized.


Color is one of the ways to tell an Antique Leather Purse is real

When looking for a leather purse, it is important to check its color. A real antique leather purse will be made out of real animal skin. The color of the skin will depend on the type of animal that was used to make it. For example, brown leather is usually made from cowhide, while black leather is made from goat.

Color is one of the ways to tell an Antique Leather Purse is real. It is not authentic if your leather purse has a certain color that looks too vibrant. The color of the purse should be more muted and look like it has been around for centuries.

The leather's color can be used to tell if a purse is real or fake. The color of the leather should not be too bright and have some variation in its shade. If you notice no variations in the shades, it could mean it is not authentic.


Reading this post gave you good crash knowledge in identifying leather from the 1920s and earlier. Each piece of vintage leather has little quirks and traits, so the best advice I can give is to become familiar with your market.

Overall, there is no definite way to identify an antique leather purse. But as you become more familiar with them, you will come across one that is right for you. And when that happens, you'll know it.

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