How to Repair Leather Purse Damaged by Water?

Just the notion of water harming anything we own makes us feel awful. It may be upsetting and stressful to think that our possessions could be damaged by something as simple as a spill. But what should we do if a leather purse becomes wet? To adequately rescue the material, handling the issue is crucial because leather is frequently one of the most fragile fabrics when it comes to water. This blog article will offer advice on how to mend leather handbags that have been water-damaged. As you read, make notes since you could need them sooner than you think.

What Leads to Leather Purse Water Damage?

Water may harm a leather bag in some different ways. Accidents and spills are most frequent. Leather may expand, change color, and become brittle when exposed to water, which can also cause the material to be in touch with. High humidity or prolonged sun exposure are other factors that might cause water damage. Additionally, contact with cleaning supplies that include chemicals or solvents might harm a leather purse. Finally, the leather may eventually develop water damage as a result of various natural activities, such as sweating.

What You Will Need

The following supplies are required to repair a leather bag that has been soaked with water:

  • a blow dryer
  • a dry, spotless cloth
  • a conditioner for leather
  • a sealant for leather

Some Proven Techniques How to Repair a Leather Purse Damaged by Water

Examine the Damage

Examining the damage closely is the first step in repairing a leather handbag that has been damaged by water. Is it ubiquitous or confined to a single location? What is the depth of the water? To the touch, is the leather purse dry, or is it still damp? These are crucial factors to take into account since they will enable you to choose the optimal course of action.

Employ a hair dryer

You must dry the leather bag as quickly as possible if it is damp. Hold a hairdryer at its lowest setting around 12 inches away from the leather purse's surface. Till the leather is touchable dry, move the hairdryer back and forth. Once the leather purse is dry, you can use the hair dryer's cool setting to help cool and set it.

Remove Any Extra Water by Wiping

After the leather bag has dried, use a fresh towel to remove any extra water. To protect the leather handbag from deterioration, be sure to rub it gently in a circular motion. To remove any dirt or debris that may be on the leather handbag, use a vacuum. After that, use a dry cloth to clean the area.

Application of leather conditioner

To assist the leather restore moisture, use a leather conditioner. The majority of shops that offer leather goods carry these items. To do this, try the conditioner on a tiny, discrete section of the leather to make sure it won't harm it.

Apply the conditioner to the whole surface of the leather handbag using a clean cloth. Wipe away any extra after allowing it to settle for 10 to 15 minutes. Before using the conditioner, make careful to follow the directions on the bottle because certain products can need extra procedures.

Put some leather sealant on

Applying a leather sealer will provide the leather handbag with an additional layer of protection. This would be a smart move if exposure to chemicals or other harsh elements led to water damage.

To do this, put the sealer on a clean cloth and rub it over the exterior of the leather bag. Before utilizing the item, let it thoroughly dry. If you have any questions about utilizing a sealant, you can always consult a professional.

Permit the leather to air out.

After applying the conditioner and sealer (if required), give the leather bag 24 hours to breathe. This will allow the substance time to penetrate the leather and guard against additional harm. You may use the furniture normally after 24 hours. Wipe away any surplus product with a soft cloth if you see it on the leather purse's surface.

Analyze colorfastness

If the leather has been discolored, you might try using a leather cleaner to bring back its natural color. To check whether the leather cleaner will affect the finish or color of the leather, first create a tiny, covert test patch. purse If so, you'll need to discover another method of cleaning your leather bag.

Use the cleaner.

Use a clean cloth to apply the safe-to-use cleaning after finding it, then rub it into the leather bag. Move the fabric in tiny, circular movements to accomplish this. Make careful to cover the leather bag's whole surface. When you're done, use a dry towel to remove any extra cleanser.

Get Professional Assistance

If your leather has substantial damage, you could require professional help. A qualified individual can evaluate the damage and choose the best line of action. Additionally, they might be able to fix any significant scrapes or scratches that could have happened.

You may always take a picture of the damage and show it to an expert if you're unclear whether it is severe. They will be able to inform you whether you require assistance.

What Is the Price of Repairing a Leather Purse Damaged by Water?

The cost of recovering water-damaged leather might vary depending on the kind of leather and the degree of damage. In general, you should budget somewhere from $20 to $150 for expert repairs. If the damage is significant, you might need to replace the entire piece of furniture.

How to Prevent Water Damage to a Leather Purse

Make Use of a Leather Protector

Use a leather protector to guard against water damage to your leather bag. These items are made to act as a barrier between liquids and the leather bag.

Spray a leather protector on the leather bag's surface, then wipe off any excess. Before using, be careful to read the directions on the protection because certain items could need extra measures.

Keep Your Hands Off the Water

Avoiding direct contact with water is one of the greatest methods to shield the leather handbag from water damage. Never leave a leather purse next to a window or door that might leak water.

Putting damp objects on top of a leather purse is likewise not recommended. If water does spill on the leather surface of the bag, take care to clean it off right away.

Cleanup Spills Immediately

It's crucial to wipe up any spills on your leather bag as soon as possible. The likelihood that a spill will harm the leather handbag increases the longer it remains on the surface.

To clean up a spill, blot the area with a fresh, dry towel. Avoid massaging the spill, since doing so might make it spread. After blotting the area, you can use a leather cleaner to get rid of any leftover particles.

Regularly condition the leather purse.

It's crucial to condition your leather purse regularly if you want to maintain it in good shape. By doing this, you can keep the leather wet and stop it from drying out.

Choose a leather conditioner that is appropriate for the sort of leather you have from the many options available. In general, you need to condition your leather bag once every three months.

Keep your leather purse out of the sunlight.

Additionally, direct sunlight should be avoided when using a leather purse. The leather purse may eventually fade and possibly shatter with exposure to the sun. If you really must keep a leather handbag in a bright space, make sure to cover it with shutters or curtains to keep the sun's rays out.

Apply coasters

Use coasters if you plan to put beverages on your leather bag. This will lessen the likelihood of water rings developing on the leather's surface. The materials that may be utilized to make coasters include metal, glass, and wood, to name a few.

Keep Harsh Chemicals to a Minimum

Additionally, stay away from strong chemicals when cleaning your leather bag. This includes cleaning supplies with ammonia or bleach in them. The leather may become faded as a result of these chemicals' harm. If you must clean your leather handbag with a cleaning agent, make sure to use one made for leather.

Pets Should Not Access Your Leather Bag

A leather handbag can potentially sustain damage from pets. Their claws can scrape the leather's surface, and their pee can leave stains. Keep your dogs off of your leather purse if you have any.


Even though leather is one of the most resilient materials, wetness may harm it. Fortunately, various types of repair work can be done on leather purses made from this material. The repairs include drying out and cleaning the purse, as well as applying a protective coating to prevent future water damage.


Of all the methods that we've discussed above, the easiest and fastest one is using professional purse repair kits. Although you may buy them online, retail establishments are where they are most frequently sold. Two big advantages of this approach are simplicity and speed. So, when you accidentally spill your cup of water into a leather purse and are not able to wait for several days until the leather dries up by itself, the best solution for you will be bag repair kits.


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