How to clean mystery dark scuffs from a leather purse?

Have you noticed dark scuff marks on your purse? Did it use to be white, and now it's not as bright and shiny as it used to be?

You're not alone. How to clean mystery dark scuffs from leather purses? We were lucky enough to have millions of others searching Google for the same thing.

They tried soap and water, baking soda, and rubbing alcohol. Nothing helped.

What caused unknown scuffs on your leather purse?

The colour you are seeing is from the dye in your denim. Any damage to the leather itself does not cause the scuffs; it's just dye transfer from rubbing against something dark.

I tried to clean it but without success.

It is probably dyed from rubbing on something dark you were wearing. I have the same colour purse and the same problem. I take it out at night and put it on a chair next to my bed, so I don't have to carry it around all day. It has a dark blue denim lining that rubbed off onto my purse; now it looks horrible!

8 Steps to clean mystery dark scuffs from a leather purse?  

  • If unsure about the cleaning agent, test it in an inconspicuous area before using it.
  • First, Use a small amount of white vinegar and a damp cloth to rub away the stain gently.
  • Then rub the purse with a soft cloth dampened with water.
  • Next, use a soft cloth to dry the purse completely.
  • Then, run your index finger along the leather to determine if it needs conditioning.
  • Then if needed, apply the leather conditioner by dabbing a small amount on a clean cloth and gently rubbing in a circular motion until the leather is conditioned.
  • Next, allow the conditioner to sink into the leather for at least 20 minutes.
  • Then use a clean, soft towel to buff away any conditioner that hasn't been absorbed into the purse's crevices and seams.

How to prevent a leather purse from mysterious dark scuffs?  

I've had this issue with my leather purses. I had a white Coach bag with brown marks all over it. I tried everything to get these marks out, but nothing worked. I finally decided to throw the purse away because it was too much work to clean.

I recently bought another white purse from another company, which has been fine. It's been through many washes and is holding up great.

The dye fixatives would work on your purse since they say they can fix most dyes. You might want to try that before throwing out your purse or spending money on a new one if you don't want to go through all that trouble.

You can buy dye fixatives like Retained (I have a bottle in the house because I quilt) and add a capful to the load when you wash new jeans for the first time. It works great for me.


Is it work well to use magic erasers on purses that have dye transferred from denim?

Yes, it's totally fine to use magic erasers on your purse.

Magic Erasers are made to remove scuffs and stains from most surfaces, including denim-dyed purses. The only thing to be wary of is the colour of your purse—if you have a light-coloured purse, you might find that the magic eraser leaves a light residue behind.

So make sure not to rub too hard when you're using it on your purse, and make sure you test it out in an inconspicuous place first if you're worried about any kind of residue!

Can it be succeeded with shaving cream and a clean damp rag?


I have bad news: it doesn't sound like you can get the mystery dark scuffs off your leather purse.

The reason is that they're not scuffs but stains. The way you'd clean a scuff would be to use a chemical solvent, like rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, and then buff it out with a clean rag after the solvent has dried.

But since these are stains, you will need to remove them with soap and water before cleaning them off with a solvent. Soap is an emulsifier that breaks down fats into smaller molecules to be washed away with water. Once the soap has done its job, the stain should come right off.


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