How to choose the color of the leather bag for women? What is the best leather for bags?

A leather bag for each girl is very important, a leather bag can show a girl's temperament and taste, and now the market bag brand is very much, so we will learn about the bag and what leather is best.

What is the best leather bag?

1, Genuine leather, the use of animal hides and skins after special processing, is used to make a variety of leather parts.

2, Split into smooth surface leather, wrinkle leather, frontal leather, etc., full grain leather. Characterized by the complete retention of grain, and clear, small, tight, irregularly arranged pores, the surface is rich and detailed, elastic, and has good breathability.

3, Trim cowhide, commonly referred to as "glossy cowhide," is also referred to as matte, brilliant cowhide in the market. Characteristics for the surface are flat and smooth without pores and leather grain, in the production of the surface grain surface to do slight grinding surface finishing, spraying a layer of colored resin on top of the leather to cover the leather surface grain, and then spraying water-based light transparent resin.

How should I choose the bag leather?

1, Cowhide is one of the most often used materials for bags and the leather that top-tier luxury manufacturers choose the most. First, the grass is softer and simpler to cut, and second, there are many cows.

2, Sheepskin, lambskin. Why dedicate it, one does not pay attention to wear and tear, easy deformation, discoloration, and mold, after all, there is a saying: one can afford to buy the bag but can not afford to keep the delicate lambskin.

3, Suede has been recognized as an endangered species on a global scale with a restricted geographic range.

We can observe that the suede is "fake" suede because such expensive leather will naturally not be utilized in vast quantities. It is manufactured from goat, cow, sheep, or deer skin after going through several steps.

How to choose the color of the leather bag?

1, Look at the face, there are many kinds of bags, there are with beads, that look like scales, quicksand, leopard print style, and so on. Generally look more selective feminine, you can choose a bag with beads, scales, and so on, look more like a tomboy, you can choose a bag with stripes.

2, Look at the dressing style, we pick the bag not only to see whether they like, it but also need to combine their dressing style to pick the color of the bag, if your dressing style is a more ladylike atmosphere, it is recommended to choose some light-colored bags if your dressing style is on the senior and European and American style or workplace style, you can choose dark-colored bags, if it is a youthful and cute style of dressing, you can choose candy The color system or the warm color system of the bag.

3, Look at the height, height 165 is the selection of the division point, height above 165, you can choose the vertical can put down a fashion magazine bag, height below 165, of course, to choose the horizontal can put down a fashion magazine bag, so do help you make up for the height defect.

What color leather bag looks good in winter?

The bag is an accessory that girls must take with them when they go out, the choice of the bag is also very important, with different colors of the bag with different clothes, the style effect will be different, in addition to the same color as the clothes of the bag is also a very good choice, or choose some brighter contrast color is also very good.

1, Red leather bag
Most winter dress tone is deep a red bag can instantly break this dull feeling, shaping highlights, embellishing the whole body shape, inject some enthusiasm and vitality. If it is a collision of colors that is to create a visual impact, for you to attract countless eyeballs Oh.

2, Yellow leather bag
The more eye-catching and bright yellow bags, whether your dress is a bright color or dull tones, with yellow bags can earn you a full rate of return. And yellow is one of this year's popular colors, but very popular, with a small playful feeling oh.

3, Blue leather bag
Winter back blue bag is also a good choice, but this kind of colorful bag is not good to manage, with neighboring colors or colorless clothing being more secure.

4, Black leather bags
Black bags are usually a conservative choice for everyone because it goes with all colors. Therefore, the black bag must be a must-have item. In fact, whether it is clothes or bags, black is safe and versatile, generally speaking, the black small square bag is the most practical, carry a crossbody look good, is lightweight and convenient, and also gives people a very plain and very senior feeling.

Which style of leather bag is suitable for winter?

1, Black leather shoulder bag
A black bag is the most versatile and can be matched with a variety of styles, and a variety of colors of clothing, In winter can carry simple, generous bags, with coats, and down jackets are very suitable.

2, Brown leather handbag
The Brown series of a single product is very suitable for autumn and winter, this brown handbag belongs to the hand, the shoulder can be, and the big bag is the last two years very popular style, very suitable with winter dark color clothes.

3, Suede leather shoulder bag
The winter temperature is relatively low, and we always like something warm, so the suede bag has become a very popular single product, you can choose the color of the suede bread according to the clothes, and carry out very textured.

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