How can leather be softer?

Because they are useful, cozy, and long-lasting, leather items are in great demand nowadays. The advantages they provide might go on forever. 

Due to their attractive and fashionable appearance, such clothing and accessories are constantly in style. They also enable you to highlight your sense of style and elevate your appearance regardless of what you are wearing. 

Leather needs to be properly cared for, though, since it may grow stiff and harsh with time, just like any other material. 

Why does this occur? Numerous elements include sunshine, heat, cold, and rain.

Additionally, poor storage practices might mess with the material's overall structure and look. Due to the effects of these elements, your clothing and accessories no longer appear as good as they did when you first bought them.

After being drenched through to the inner layer, leather frequently gets tough. In these situations, after drying, it becomes rigid and unusable. Even if it is impossible to wear such items, it would be a shame to discard them. Naturally, you can take a leather jacket or pair of shoes for dry cleaning or shoe repair, but if that's not an option, you may try to soften the leather on your favorite item of clothing or pair of shoes on your own.

You may either buy specialized leather softeners from any household chemical shop or employ creative methods to get the same successful outcome.

Chemical softeners operate more quickly but cost more money. Therefore, all you need to save money and get the desired outcome is patience, the availability of free time, and the appropriate cleaning strategy. You may thus utilize the following methods and procedures to break down the leather in your shoes, jacket, or belt at home. Before reading the article, keep in mind that only natural materials are suitable for the procedures discussed for softening leather. Your beloved bags might be destroyed if you decide to use them for fake leather.

Case #1: Softening techniques for leather shoes

Moisture is most frequently a problem for our shoes, greatly degrading the material structure. Additionally, damp shoes can shrink in size in addition to being stiff and abrasive. You must clean and dry your new boots after every exposure to rain or mud to avoid coarsening. Keep in mind that placing shoes next to a gas or battery-operated stove is prohibited. You won't be able to wear them again because of the leather's roughening and shrinking caused by this drying.

You may utilize the wonderful old trick of stuffing a piece of crumpled newspaper or any other paper inside your pair of boots to dry them after the downpour. If the boots are drenched in water, you should remove the insoles and replace the newspaper as needed. You might attempt to soften the leather if your shoes still feel stiff following this technique. Let's look at a few methods for doing this:

  • The ideal technique is to apply Vaseline or leather oil. It must be applied evenly over the whole shoe surface, thoroughly wiped off, and allowed to completely dry.
  • Additionally, flaxseed oil will waterproof your shoes and improve the smoothness of your skin.
  • Wax or paraffin can be used to treat boots that have developed rough backs or spouts.
  • The natural leather will be perfectly softened with a beeswax-based shoe balm, making it smooth and comfortable to wear once again. You may also attempt to combine it with your regular cosmetic cream.
  • If you mix in a little fat milk with the shoe cream, the bags will also get softer. Apply it to the surface, give it a thorough wipe, and let it air dry.

Do you remember Red Wing Shoes? The business is widely recognized for creating footwear for the American military. Norman Rockwell, a painter, created the company's initial marketing, which helped it build its well-deserved reputation for retro-chic designs.

These suggestions are all among the best ones for dealing with tough leather. They extend the usefulness of your favorite leather items by restoring their softness and flexibility.

Case #2: techniques for softening leather clothing

A leather jacket is one of the items of clothing that stiffens up after being exposed to rain or sleet. If this occurred, don't be alarmed; you may still revive it. There are numerous techniques for softening leather clothes and restoring their original appearance.

  • The use of castor oil is maybe the simplest method. It is accessible at any pharmacy without a prescription. Apply it with a dry sponge (or towel), then gently wash the surface. Repeat this process multiple times, but be aware that you need to wait several hours after putting the oil on the jacket. The castor oil will thoroughly saturate the material during this time. You can employ a different strategy if your leather clothing is light in hue. You need a standard baby cream to soften it and preserve the color. Additionally, you should lightly clean the leather and let it air dry fully.
  • If you don't have castor oil or don't want to go out and get it, you may use Vaseline instead. Other items that include wax are also usable but take caution. Before using them, be sure you carefully read the directions on the packaging and thoroughly clean the surface of your clothing.
  • A baby cream combined with any leather care product is another effective approach for softening leather. Apply them evenly to the whole area using a soft sponge or cloth after combining them in equal parts. Wear your favorite item after waiting a while. The leather bag's former sheen and freshness will also be restored with this technique.

It is also crucial to note that treating the leather with glycerin or sunflower oil is not permitted. These techniques will soften the material, but over time, when the glycerol or sunflower oil dries and the leather becomes soaked, the jacket will become increasingly rougher.

Case #3: techniques for softening leather belts

The second item on our list is leather belts, which, like any other items made of real materials, need to be well cared for. They won't serve you for more than one season and preserve the fantastic look till then. Genuine leather belts need to be shielded from changes in temperature and moisture. If the leather on the belt has grown stiff, you should soften it as soon as you can since it can easily split and rip.

  • Any fat can be used to soften the belt. It is sufficient to clean the belt with a fat-dampened cloth and wait until it is entirely dry.
  • You may also use castor oil, baby lotion, or any other specific care product on belts (or any other leather purses).The process can be performed many times if necessary or when the material poorly absorbs the applied medicines. Your belt should always be made of a soft, elastic material since only then will it last you a long time and still appear fashionable and new.

Advice on how to keep leather products

How long your leather items last and maintaining their original elegant and brand-new appearance directly depends on you. You must preserve your favorite garments carefully if you want to maintain them in outstanding condition for many years. We have the following recommendations for you:

  • Storage of leather items requires the use of appropriate linen or cotton bags;
  • Ensure that leather items are always allowed to dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated area;
  • There is a small protective coating on the leather material, therefore it shouldn't be washed too frequently. Additionally, it is not advised to clean with rough brushes;
  • No solvents should be used to clean leather since they might damage the leather;
  • Leather garments and shoes must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before being hidden for extended storage;
  • If leather shoes or apparel get wet, they need to be dried with a dry towel at a temperature of about 20 degrees. Avoid drying leather items next to a gas or battery-operated stove.

Last but not least, remember that leather is a hardy but supple material when determining whether or not to buy such items. It needs routine and appropriate maintenance much like other materials, which may greatly extend the life of your beloved item.

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