How Can I Get Rid of the Leather Bag Odor?

A high-quality leather bag is a luxury item that needs upkeep and attention. It needs some tender loving care from the way you handle it.

It needs a positive first impression from you. Your bag has to be clean and fragrant if you don't want it to have a bad odor.

If you've ever been close to a leather purse, you're aware of how strong the fragrance can be. Fortunately, everyone has a fix for the issue.

Which of the many solutions on the market that promise to get rid of the smell or odor of leather goods will work?

Here are a few hints and techniques that should be useful.

Don't give up if you detect an unpleasant leather bag odor. To get rid of the offensive odor, use these easy cleaning steps:

  1. Empty the bag first, and then wipe it down with a moist towel. It will get rid of the stains, mildew, and filth.
  2. Use one of the leather cleaners designed exclusively for bags after that. The leather will become supple once again after being cleaned.
  3. The majority of the germs will be eliminated by freezing the bag overnight.
  4. To restore moisture to the leather, apply a leather conditioner to the product's surface.
  5. Before using the bag, let it air out.
  6. Keep leather products out of plastic storage.
  7. To prevent the bag from developing an unpleasant odor over time and to keep it from smelling fresh, place a dryer sheet inside.

How may leather bags be deodorized?

To keep them smelling good, most high-quality leather bags and purses are treated with aromatherapy oil.

This is excellent since it is one of the few all-natural techniques to maintain the fresh scent of your leather item.

The issue is that having to remember to reapply the oil every few days may get quite unpleasant if you have a lot of vacation bags.

You can maintain the scent of your leather purse or any other leather item fresh with a little preliminary preparation.

You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking a quick and simple method to get rid of the bad smell coming from your leather bags.

Here's a quick, easy, and budget-friendly method for freshening a leather bag:

  • Use soap and water to wash your bag. Fill the bag with brown sugar, then leave it overnight. To get the sugar out of the bag, wipe it with a moist towel. Spray the leather conditioner on the bag.
  • Fill the bag with baking soda, then leave it overnight. To get rid of the baking soda, wipe the bag with a damp, clean towel. Spray the leather conditioner on the bag.
  • Put some vinegar and water in a basic solution and leave the bag alone for the night. To get the vinegar out of the bag, wipe it with a damp towel. Spray the leather conditioner on the bag.

How do you get mold out of a leather bag?

Leather is susceptible to a variety of mold growths, many of which are exceedingly difficult to eradicate once they have begun.

Mold may be troublesome and degrade leather. It's not difficult to miss, but once you do, there's no getting rid of it.

However, a leather substance is difficult to remove from tile or stone. However, by storing your leather item in an airtight container, you may use appropriate leather care to stop mold from developing in the first place.

It's crucial to start safeguarding your bag as soon as possible if you've seen mold developing on it or it's started to smell.

Leather begins to deteriorate and develop mold when it becomes moist. Before it permanently ruins the materials in your leather bag, it's critical to eliminate any mold.

The primary goal of mold removal is to stop the spread of mold spores. You must first remove all of the visible molds to prevent the mold from spreading, and then you must eliminate the mold source.

Try to adhere to any of the following therapeutic procedures:

  • Wipe out any mold from your leather bag using a moist cloth. After cleaning the mold, make careful to remove it with a dry towel.
  • Mold may be effectively removed from your leather bag with saddle soap. Remove the straps, then use saddle soap to clean the leather. After that, dry it off and clean it with a cotton cloth.
  • Cleaning the bag with a baking soda solution will get rid of the mold. With a moist towel, remove the mold, then allow it to dry.
  • Washing your leather bag in a hot water bath or with gentle soap and water and letting it air dry fully before using or storing it is the best approach to get rid of mold from it.

Most essential, wipe off excess moisture with a clean cotton cloth and store your leather bag in a cool, dry area to prevent mildew from forming on it.

It's crucial to properly care for your leather bags because doing so increases their lifespan.

Taking care of them doesn't have to be difficult. If you have any concerns regarding your first leather bag, it's vital to keep in mind that with the right care, your bag will last a very long time.


I recently had a client ask me how they could remove the odor from their leather backpack. It had developed an odor either because it wasn't cared for properly, or because it was sitting around in a damp basement for several years. 

No matter what the cause was, she needed a solution to get the odor out. I told her the basics (purchase a deodorizer, read up on cleaning leather) but I also realized that others might be asking the same question. So with that in mind, here are three of my best tips for getting rid of that leather bag odor.

That first smell of a new leather bag or purse is indescribable. But then it happens: if you don't take preventative measures, the bag smells like an old ham sandwich that's been left on the counter for a week. 

What you need is not just a way to eliminate the offending odor, but also to ensure that a new one doesn't take its place. Apply a mixture of baking soda and water to the inside lining of your bag every other month to keep it fresh.

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