Can You Wash A Leather Bag in The Washer?

There is no secret that all of us love our leather bags, to the point that we feel that what people carry is a status symbol. Given their worth and value, many of us take good care of them. However, the challenge lies in how to clean them when they get stained. For some of us, such as myself, a simple dusting off will not work if the bag is already stained with oil or lotion residue.

You need to clean your leather handbag, but do you know if you can wash a leather bag in the machine? With all the dust and germs, it's important to sanitize them often. But many people are curious: Can I wash a leather purse in the washer?

Should a leather purse be washed in the washing machine? Before committing to hand-cleaning your piece of luxury, you should consider that a leather bag can easily be taken care of with the right usage.

Can a leather bag be washed in a washing machine??

Have you ever considered running your leather purse through the washing machine? You should read this article.

In the past, you had to hand wash or dry your leather bag if you wanted to fully clean it, which is bad for your investment.

A leather purse may go in the washer but carefully look it over for any damage or weak spots in the stitching. Use cold water, a light detergent, and the delicate cycle; then air dry.

A bag made of leather, suede, or synthetic material may be washed in the washer. The same cleaning procedure works for bags with cotton linings.

But if it has a leather lining, you should wash it by hand.

If your leather handbag is machine washable, make sure you follow the care instructions.

Leather is the only substance that does not deteriorate when exposed to water, according to the American Leather Council.

It is utilized for a variety of items, including footwear, purses, and even furniture and apparel.

Some people believe that leather absorbs scents from food and other sources, however, most leather on your garments may be readily removed by washing.

If you're wondering whether you can wash your bag, the answer is yes, but you must be careful not to wash it with nylon or any other fabric.

Getting ready for the leather purse before washing

Before washing the handbag, it's vital to prepare ahead, much as when buying a new pair of trousers.

This entails emptying the bag of all its contents, cleaning the bag's interior and outside, and pre-spotting it.

If the goods to be washed have any sharp edges that can harm the bag's interior, they can be kept in separate bags.

Before washing the bag or cleaning your handbags, make sure the internal bow closure may be opened.

To prevent scratching your handbag's surface, store it on a hanger or in a mesh bag.

When putting your stylish leather handbag in a washing machine, make sure you handle it with the utmost care.

How Do I Clean a Leather Purse or Bag in the Washing Machine??

Your leather accessories may be cleaned in a variety of ways without damaging them. I'll demonstrate today how to use a washing machine to clean a leather bag.

One of the best methods to clean a leather bag or purse is in the washing machine. There are no special instruments required, and it is really simple.

You just need to adhere to these easy instructions:

Step 1: Fill up your sink with water, then add the necessary amounts of liquid dishwashing detergent and washing soda to the detergent dispenser. Add no bleach, caustic substances, or fabric softener to the mixture.

Step 2: Select the gentlest wash cycle option.

Step 3: The detergent and washing soda soften the leather and eliminate any unwelcome spots.

Step 4: To achieve better results, place the bag in the sink and stir the water and soap mixture with your hands. A sponge and a leather cleaner are all you need.

Make sure to look after and treat your leather bag or purse like a friend if you possess one.

Given that leather is a natural product, it requires proper upkeep to ensure a long lifespan.

Hand washes your bag or handbag if at all feasible using warm water and a block of mild soap.

Never dry clean a leather bag or handbag. Instead, hang the bag or purse to dry naturally.

It is better to cease doing it yourself and employ a reputable leather handbag cleaner if you lack confidence in your washing abilities.

Afterward, Care

If leather is exposed to water for an extended time, it does not like it and frequently becomes stiff.

Because of this, it is advised to take extra care after washing to keep the leather supple and free of pitting.

To prepare leather for usages, such as with real leather coloring and conditioning, post-wash care is also required.

  • To the outside parts, use a clean cloth to apply leather conditioner.
  • If you want to keep your leather purse in a dry environment, rub leather cream on it using a non-abrasive cloth in a circular motion.

Just as crucial as the items themselves is maintaining your leather goods after cleaning.

It is crucial to carefully follow the recommendations since this post-washing maintenance extends the life of the leather items.


Leather is one of the more durable materials available for designers to use in bags. It's very strong, allowing it to carry heavy items without being damaged by everyday movement. On the other hand, leather is also quite fragile.

People choose to go for the bag because they want their money to go a long way, and a good bag can last you many years if you take proper care of it. You can put your bag in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, and make sure that you put the soap in the washing machine as well so that your bag gets cleaned properly. Then leave your bag in a room where there is a lot of air circulation so that it can dry up properly. Some bags might shrink a little if they get dried up in high temperatures.

Water and your washing machine will make a leather bag started falling apart with time. To clean your leather bags, we do not advise putting them in the washing machine. Instead, hand wash your leather luggage.

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